Infiniti Digital Art Competition
  • Inspired Performance Mixer
  • The 'Inspired Performance Mixer' by interaction designers Lyes Belhocine and Drew Detweiler is an interactive installation that invites visitors to mix audio and video files in realtime through capacitive touch controls and the manipulation of plexiglass cubes.
    The artists designed the piece, which integrates several of their previously tested realtime multimedia mixing technologies, for designboom's
    'Infiniti Digital Art Competition', which asked participants to design innovative or interactive digital artworks under the theme of 'inspired performance', for installation in new centers that Infiniti is opening throughout Europe.
    With a twelve-loop audio file as the soundtrack, up to twelve video files can be used for mixing via the 'inspired performance mixer' interface at a single time. The software was designed modularly to facilitate the use of different video and audio tracks, requiring only that they be dropped into the proper folder, making the piece easily adaptable to different situations. The interface design throughout is likewise extensible, permitting both output additions like surround sound audio, and diverse input controls.

    While a computer monitor displays visual cues, the mixing controls themselves are accomplished through the manipulation of the artists' 'cubiic' cubes and 'zeum mix' four-channel laser cut interface, the latter of these designed in the shape of the Infiniti logo. The tactile cubes, composed of plexiglass with LEDs and monitored via RFID tags, can be flipped onto different sides to select different audio tracks. through the custom touch interface, video and audio files can be selected, modified, and otherwise mixed to create a constantly changing display.

    Text by designboom

    Custom software application/Plexiglas/steel/capacitive sensors/RFID tags and readers/Arduino/LEDs/MacBook Pro/audio monitors/video projector/audio files/video files

    Museum of Art & History, Santa Cruz, CA

    Infiniti Digital Art Competition
The Inspired Performance Mixer is an elegant ergonomic audio video mixer
DJing, Interaction Design, Video Jockey