Galactic Bowling
  • Galactic Bowling 
  • A Wiimote triggered astrophysics visualization that demonstrates the improbability of a star become tidally disrupted by the gravitational pull of a black hole. The high rate of improbability is demonstrated through the difficultly most users have when trying to throw the star within range of the gravitational pull of the blackhole.

    Software application/Wiimote/video/Mac Minis/video projectors/video screens/audio monitors

    San Jose Tech Museum
    Open Lab Art & Astrophysics Exhibition
  • Lyes Belhocine, DANM Research Associate
    Drew Detweiler, DANM Research Associate
    James Guillochon, Astrophysics Graduate Student
    Morgan MacLeod, Astrophysics Graduate Student
    Uliana Popov, Engineering Graduate Student
    Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, UCSC Astronomy and Astrophysics Faculty
    Jolie Ruelle, DANM Graduate Student/Summer Art Lecturer

    UCSC OpenLab

Game like Wiimote triggered visualization created by an interdisciplinary team of artists and scientists
Exhibition Design, Game Design, Interaction Design