Zeum Mix
  • Zeum Mix
  • Four channel multiuser audio video mixing platform co-designed with Lyes Belhocine for youth ages 6 – 15. Each user selects video loops and applies real time effects that add to the collective mix. Video sources can be spun 360° on the capacitive sensor interface. Changing video loops also changes audio loops that play in sync. The video mix appears on the interface and is projected onto a large wall. The individual video sources are projected on two walls on opposite sides of the circular rotunda to provide clear sight lines for manipulation of clips.

    Custom software application/wood/steel/Plexiglas/capacitive sensors/ MacPro/four video projectors/audio monitors/audio files/video files

    Zeum San Francisco’s Children’s Museum, San Francisco, CA
A multi-user audio video mixing interface designed for children
Exhibition Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX