• datasurf
  • An audio visual surfboard interface developed with Lyes Belhocine that rewards participants with their image immersed in a barrel of swirling wave visuals when they achieve balance and equilibrium on the surfboard. While the interface at first appears to be easy to balance, the visualization on the screen is highly reactive and reflects subtle motion on the surfboard. Maintaining equIibrium becomes the challenge neccessary to play the soundtrack and move the audio reactive wave visualization in the direction of the surfer. The site specific installation at the California Acdemy of Sciences for the Soundwave ((6)) Biennial was reenvisioned to incorporate a live video feed of the fish swimming in the aquariuam as the backgraound.

    Custom software application/surfboard/wood/iPod Touch/MacBook Pro/Apple Airport/video projector/video camera/video screen

    Soundwave ((6)) Biennial, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA
    subZERO Festival, San Jose, CA  
    Museum of Art and History, Glow Festival, Santa Cruz, CA
An interactive surfboard interface
Interaction Design, Programming, Video Arts