Museum of the African Diaspora
  • Museum of the African Diaspora
  • Exhibition Technology Consultant and Media Producer for The Museum of African Diaspora

    Associate Producer
    Seven minute film projected on a large curved wall in a circular room via three projectors connected to a Dataton Watchout System. The current version of the exhibit is projected via a single projector and a custom software application that corrects for the curvature of the wall. The film presents our African origins through commonalities found in celebrations.

    Slavery Passages
    Video Designer
    Immersive video environment projected through an Elumens TruTheta lens. Visitors are enveloped in immersive yet unobtrusive visuals that reinforce the tone of the content narrated by Maya Angelou.

    Freedom Theater
    Exhibition Technology Consultant
    Touchscreen interface to add interactivity to existing exhibit. Users select films by scrolling through still images and synopses.

    Exhibition Technology Consultant
    Video playback of morphing images that connect modern human adornments with their African origins.
Exhibition Technology Design and Media Production
Exhibition Design, Installation Design, Interaction Design