• I am an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of interactive video, performative technology, and experience design. My work is informed by years of practical experience inspiring passive audience members into active participation through Theater of the Oppressed techniques. I am interested in finding new modes of engagement with technology that encourage social interaction in public space. I believe the current trend towards solitary interaction with media through personal mobile devices frequently limits opportunities for social engagement in public spaces and ultimately leads to a search for more meaningful embodied experiences. My designs seek to engage users through multiple senses and learning styles with casual intuitive interaction that promotes sustained autonomous use.
    My process is frequently collaborative through interdisciplinary work with dancers, musicians, visual artists, and scientists. Algerian artist Lyes Belhocine is my primary creative collaborator. Our Inspired Performance Mixer received international acclaim as a top ten finalist in the Infiniti designboom digital art competition. Our shared interest in participatory play and remix culture has resulted in a series of work exhibited at The California Academy of Sciences, Zeum Children’s Creativity Museum of San Francisco, The Museum of the African Diaspora, The Museum of Art and History Santa Cruz, The Tech Museum, ZERO1 Biennial, Soundwave Festival, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, and the NASA Ames Research Center.